How to Install a Transmission Cooler in a Ford Freestar?

Answer The Ford Freestar is sometimes used for hauling or towing heavy loads, which it was not designed to do. This can have a severe effect on the transmission, heating the fluid beyond it's ability to o... Read More »

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How to Install a Transmission Cooler on a 2001 Ford Windstar Van?

The 2001 Ford Windstar has a transmission cooler mounted below the radiator core. The transmission cooler system passes transmission fluid from one side of the cooler to the other for heat dispersa... Read More »

How do I Find a Transmission Cooler for a Ford C-6 Automatic Transmission?

The single most damaging element to an automatic transmission is excessive heat. That is why it is typically worthwhile to install an auxiliary transmission cooler. This applies to the Ford C-6 tra... Read More »

How to Install Brakes on a Ford Freestar?

The Ford Freestar, and every other vehicle produced by The Ford Motor Company, is engineered to exceed the safety standards for stopping distance established by the National Highway Traffic Safety ... Read More »

How to Install Rear Brakes on 2004 Ford Freestar?

The 2004 Ford Freestar has self-adjusting disc brakes on the rear to help bring the minivan to a safe halt. While the brake calipers are designed to last the life of the Freestar, the brake pads ar... Read More »