How to Install a Thru-Hull Transducer?

Answer Thru-hull transducers are the sensors that provide data to boat depth sounders and speedometers. Boat manufacturers usually mount transducers through the hull to reduce interference and increase th... Read More »

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How to Install a Through-Hull Marine Transducer on a Kayak?

If you are a kayak angler, a fish finder can be a valuable asset. Mounting a transducer in a kayak can be a challenge though. Since there is no transom on a kayak, a transom mount transducer is obv... Read More »

How to Glue a Depth Transducer to the Inside of a Hull?

A marine transducer is a device that shoots and receives sound waves through the water, and sends the information to a depth finder. There are three different types of marine depth transducers. The... Read More »

How to Install the Airmar P66 Transducer?

The Airmar P66 transducer is a transom mounted piece of electronics mounted so that it is in the water. The transducer shoots sound waves into the water, retrieves the sound waves and transmits the... Read More »

How to Install a Sounder Transducer?

A depth sounder uses two distinct pieces to provide information on the water and depth under a boat -- a display screen and a transducer. The transducer emits sonar waves that bounce off the bottom... Read More »