How to Install a Throttle Pressure Limit Valve & Spring?

Answer Throttle, pressure and limit valve spring assemblies are components of an automatic transmission. If an automatic transmission is failing to shift properly, and the fluid level meets the manufactur... Read More »

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What is the purpose of the hydrostatic valve and how do you release the pressure in it and does this valve need cleaning or other regular maintenance?

Answer A hydrostatic relief valve prevents your swimming pool from wanting to become a 'boat'. If the bottom of the pool is below the level of ground-water, and the pool is emptied, the pool would ... Read More »

My pressure relief valve has been leaking all day, but the furnace has not kicked on. Bad valve, no?

I assume that this is a hot water heating system.Your expansion tank may be full of water.If you tap on the tank you can tell.

What happens when 150 psi water pressure hitting a check valve with 50 psi of air pressure?

The National Guard and Air National Guard can be (and have been) deployed. The Puerto Rico State Guard cannot.

What Is a Transmission Throttle Valve?

In mechanics, the transmission converts speed and torque from a rotating power source to other devices through the use of gear ratios. The gears, which control the shifting ability of a vehicle, ar... Read More »