How to Install a Throttle Body?

Answer There are many different styles of throttle bodies; however, the removal and installation remains the same. Some of the new throttle bodies have electronic throttles incorporated in the throttle bo... Read More »

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How to Install a BBK Throttle Body?

The throttle body on an engine is the device that allows air into the engine. Inside of the throttle body are hinged flaps that open when the gas pedal is pressed. The size of the throttle body det... Read More »

How to Install a 5.0 Throttle Body?

The throttle body on a 5.0-liter engine can be upgraded for more performance. The component regulates how much air is delivered to the engine via the gas pedal. A larger throttle body lets more air... Read More »

How to Install a Throttle Body Spacer?

Increasing the space in the throttle body allows more air to be mixed in the intake system. A throttle body spacer is used to expand the throttle body space. The throttle body spacer is placed betw... Read More »

How to Install 5.0 Mustang Throttle Body?

Installing a larger bore throttle body on a 1986 to 1993 Ford Mustang 5.0 is a popular and easy upgrade. A larger diameter throttle body lets more air into the motor quicker, thereby increasing hor... Read More »