How to Install a Temperature Sensor on a 1997 Honda Accord?

Answer The temperature sensor on a 1997 Honda Accord measures the temperature of the engine coolant and relays this information to the engine control module (ECM). The ECM uses this information to determi... Read More »

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How to Replace the TDC Position Sensor in a 1997 Honda Accord?

The TDC (top dead center) positioning sensor is another name for your crankshaft position sensor. This sensor measures the position of your crankshaft and helps with the proper firing of your spark... Read More »

The Location of the Speed Sensor in a 1997 Honda Accord?

Your '97 Honda Accord's wheel speed sensors are a part of the car's anti-lock brake system (ABS). Each sensor monitors the speed of each wheel to help determine whether ABS-assisted braking should ... Read More »

Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement for a 2005 Honda Accord?

In 1976, Honda added a new vehicle to its growing lineup of automobiles, the Accord. The 2005 Honda Accord came standard with a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine that produced 160 horsepower with a 3... Read More »

How to Install an Oxygen Sensor on a 1997 Honda Civic?

The computer of your 1997 Honda Civic has many different sensors located on various places on the engine that are designed to help determine how well the engine is running and make corrections as n... Read More »