How to Install a Surfboard Leash?

Answer By tethering you to your surfboard, a leash prevents your board from floating back into shore following a wipeout. Before installing this helpful device, determine which type of leash you have. The... Read More »

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How to Repair Dings on Surfboard With a Surfboard Repair Kit?

How to Repair Dings on your Surfboard with a Repair KitDings and dents are unavoidable for most surfers. Neither a beginner nor a professional surfer can say that their surfboards need attention ev... Read More »

How to Use a Dog Tow Leash With a Tricycle?

A dog tow leash allows an owner to ride a bicycle while walking the dog Many tow leashes also support the dog powering the bicycle or towing it. Many dog tow leashes can be adapted easily to tricy... Read More »

How to Hold a Dog's Leash?

When you have a more troublesome dog, that maybe likes to get away from you or wants to chase something, it is good to be able to hold their leash properly to prevent an accident because of him get... Read More »

How to Make a Cat Leash?

Do you need a sturdy leash for your kitty so you can take you wonderful kitty all over? Heres what you can use with a few simple household items.