How to Install a Starter Push Button Switch?

Answer Push button switches can be used used to activate the starter in cars, trucks, and tractors. When an ignition switch has a defective start position a push button can be used instead of replacing th... Read More »

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How to Install a Remote Starter Button Switch?

Automatic remote starters are common accessories on vehicles all around the world. These systems use wireless remotes to start the engine, and these remote switches can be added to your pocket key ... Read More »

How to Install a Push Button Ignition on Your Car?

Many drivers develop carpal tunnel or similar ailments from repeatedly turning a key every time they start their car. Some drivers want to pretend their KIA is a race car. Maybe you want a push but... Read More »

How to Install Toggle Switches & a Push Button Start?

Push start buttons and toggle switches allow you to operate a vehicle with the push of a button. Though these two devices are similar in their use and installation, the process varies slightly. Typ... Read More »

How to install the ITT (ASKHC2BB4AC) Large Red Button Switch?

The single terminal on the one side is the common.The other two are an NC (closed when button out), and NO (closed when button is depressed).You need a separate logic flip/flop circuit to make the... Read More »