How to Install a Speedo Gear AODE?

Answer Installing a new speedometer gear in the AODE transmission is a fairly straightforward process. This gear is connected to the speedometer sensor and is driven by the output shaft inside the transmi... Read More »

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How to Figure Speedo Gear Ratios?

Speedo gear is shorthand for the speedometer gear in automobiles. The purpose of speedometer gears is to read the speed accurately based on the tire size and the axle configuration. In fact, you c... Read More »

How to Identify a Ford AODE Transmission?

The Ford AOD automatic overdrive four-speed transmission, introduced in 1980, was used with most Ford engines of the day. Ford later introduced the AODE, a computer-controlled version of the AOD. T... Read More »

How do I Install a Speedometer Gear Cable?

Older cars and trucks used a speedometer cable that connected the speedometer gauge in the dashboard to the transmission. The spinning of the transmission would spin the cable, which then turned th... Read More »

How to Install Aircraft on Flight Gear?

Are you tired of flying around in the same aircraft? Do you want to fly something different? Please follow these simple steps and you'll be flying in all kinds of aircraft.