How to Install a Speed Sensor on a 1997 VW Jetta?

Answer The anti-lock braking system in your 1997 Volkswagon Jetta utilizes a kind of tachometer, called a wheel speed sensor, to monitor the speed of the wheels and relay that information to the vehicle's... Read More »

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Where is the speed sensor located on a 1997 Jetta?

The speed sensor on a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta is located in the transmission of the car. The part will not cost you much, but in order to fix this you will have to go into the transmission.Source:VW ... Read More »

Location of the Speed Sensor in a 1997 Explorer?

The variable speed sensor (VSS) in your Explorer monitors the revolutions of the transmission. The VSS collects this information and sends it to your Explorer's power control module (PCM). Your PCM... Read More »

The Location of the Speed Sensor in a 1997 Honda Accord?

Your '97 Honda Accord's wheel speed sensors are a part of the car's anti-lock brake system (ABS). Each sensor monitors the speed of each wheel to help determine whether ABS-assisted braking should ... Read More »

How Do I Change a Speed Sensor on a 1997 Mazda Protege?

Replacing the ABS speed sensors in a 1997 Mazda Protege is a simple job that should only take a few minutes. Unlike many cars, the front and rear speed sensors are installed the same way. Replaceme... Read More »