How to Install a Shock Absorber on a 1998 S-10 Blazer?

Answer The shock absorbers in your 1998 S-10 Blazer help counteract the bumps in the road by stabilizing the suspension to give you a more comfortable ride. The shocks function by circulating oil and gas ... Read More »

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How to Install a Shock Absorber on a RSX?

Shock absorbers are present on each wheel of your Acura RSX. They take the mechanical energy of a bump and convert it to heat to allow it to dissipate away. Depending on the quality of your shock a... Read More »

How to Install a Front Double Shock Absorber?

You may need to install front shock absorbers on your mountain bike if your old set is worn or if you want to upgrade its off-road performance. Installing the shock absorbers is a relatively straig... Read More »

How to Install a Rear Shock Absorber in a Lincoln Town Car?

The rear shock absorbers in the Lincoln Town Car help to improve the ride comfort of those riding in the car. The Lincoln Town Car is a luxury sedan designed for comfort, and when the gas dissipate... Read More »

What Is the Shock Absorber on a Car?

Shock absorbers, also called dampers, are part of a car's suspension system. The suspension system is responsible for helping the driver have control over the car through acceleration, impact and t... Read More »