How to Install a Second Car Battery?

Answer Vehicles with high current draw equipment additions, such as large sound systems or TVs, can very quickly drain a battery if the equipment is operated when the engine is not running. One way to len... Read More »

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How to Install a Battery in a BMW?

The battery plays a crucial role in the charging system of a BMW. It's a storage point for the electricity in the car, and on the receiving end of the power created by the alternator. This power is... Read More »

How to Install a Battery Box?

You can install battery boxes in a car to mount and protect a battery from external influences. The box is usually constructed of a high grade and coated metal. Another feature of the box is a hold... Read More »

How to Install a New Car Battery?

Installing a car battery is a relatively simple task. The only requirements is an ability to lift 40 pounds and being able to reach under the hood of a car. Follow the outline below to change your ... Read More »

How to Install a Battery Isolator?

Too many electronics connected to an automotive electrical system can stress the battery. Some car owners choose to install an auxiliary battery to operate these electronic devices. An auxiliary ba... Read More »