How to Install a Second Car Battery?

Answer Vehicles with high current draw equipment additions, such as large sound systems or TVs, can very quickly drain a battery if the equipment is operated when the engine is not running. One way to len... Read More »

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How to Install a Second Battery on My Motorcycle?

Installing a second battery on your motorcycle is fairly straightforward, but before you start you need to check whether you have space in the battery compartment. Don't install a second battery if... Read More »

DIY: How to Add a Second Battery to Your Car?

Car owners add gadgets to their cars, all kinds of things, from GPS units to booming stereo systems and amplifiers. These things use electricity, and loads of it. So much so that it's very possible... Read More »

How to Add a Second Battery to a Tahoe?

Your Chevy Tahoe has a GPS, DVD system, new stereo and an amplifier. After months of use, you go out to start the vehicle to run some errands only to find the battery drained and dead. You look at ... Read More »

How to Add a Second Battery to a Boat?

On the typical boat, the engine is similar to a car engine, and as such, needs a battery to turn the starter. But boats can sit for long periods of time between use, and they may need a bit more cr... Read More »