How to Install a Rotor on a Honda Pilot?

Answer A car's rotors are round metal discs squeezed by the brakes to stop the vehicle. As part of the braking system, if their performance starts to wane, it's vital they be removed and replaced. There i... Read More »

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Honda Pilot Brake Rotor Removal Instructions?

The Honda Pilot was manufactured starting in the summer of 2002 as a 2003 model. It features front and rear disc brakes. There may be many reasons why you must remove or replace the brake rotors on... Read More »

How to Install a Honda Civic Distributor Cap Rotor?

The distributor rotor and cap on a Honda Civic are important parts of the engine’s ignition system. As the engine turns, so does the rotor inside of the distributor. The distributor cap has corre... Read More »

How to Install a Stereo in a Honda Pilot?

Honda Pilot owners who seek a more powerful and capable stereo can find a suitable aftermarket replacement that fits within their budget. Remove the Honda Pilot's stock AM/FM stereo to make room fo... Read More »

How to Install an Air Filter in a Honda Pilot?

Considering how relatively inexpensive they are and how easy to install they are in a Honda Pilot, it's hard to imagine why the engine air filter is one of the most overlooked maintenance component... Read More »