How to Install a Rear Motor Mount on a 2002 Civic?

Answer The rear engine mount is one of five engine/transmission support mounts on the Honda Civic. These mounts are ordinarily designed to last indefinitely, but it's always possible that they can wear do... Read More »

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How to Check if the Motor Mount Is Broken on a Honda Civic?

Motor mounts are brackets that support and stabilize the motor of a vehicle. The purpose of motor mounts is to reduce vibration and shaking associated with normal engine use. The mounts are usually... Read More »

How to Replace the Front Motor Mount on a 95 Honda Civic?

Motor mounts use rubber as an insulator to keep vibrations from the engine from reaching the steering wheel and body of the car. They also support and hold the motor in the engine compartment. Ther... Read More »

How to Remove the Rear Motor Mount in a Prelude?

The rear motor mount of a Honda Prelude can be found at the bottom rear of the engine on the support beam that is just before the transmission. The rear motor mount keeps the car's engine from movi... Read More »

How to Replace a Rear Motor Mount on a 2001 Buick Park Avenue?

The motor on the Buick Park Avenue is supported by numerous mounts and support brackets. It is not likely you will need to change a mount during the car lifetime, but it is possible the mount will ... Read More »