How to Install a Rear Main Seal?

Answer To replace a faulty rear main oil seal (a vital part that prevents engine oil from leaking), the transmission usually must be removed, a costly and time consuming operation that is not discussed in... Read More »

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How to Install a Rear Main Seal in a Chevrolet?

If you notice an oil leak, chances are it's coming from your Chevy's rear main seal. Your options include paying for costly repairs or doing the job yourself. If you choose the latter route, keep i... Read More »

How to Install a Ford 302 Rear Main Seal?

The 302 (dubbed the 5.0 during the 1970s) is part of Ford's Windsor family of small block V-8s. Spanning nearly a half-century of continuous production, this family includes the 255, 260, 289 and 3... Read More »

How to Install a Chevy Big Block Rear Main Seal?

The big block Chevy engine uses a two-piece rear main seal through 1985. This means that half of the seal is on the rear main bearing cap and the other half is on the engine. Rarely does the rear m... Read More »

How to Install a Rear Main Rope Seal in a Pontiac?

A rope seal, also known as a wick seal, works by absorbing oil and swelling, thereby making an oil-tight seal against the engine's crankshaft output flange. Over time, the seal can wear and cause e... Read More »