How to Install a Pilot Racing Foot Pedal?

Answer Installing aftermarket pedals in your car for racing purposes can help you optimize your driving style and improve the speed at which you perform manual gear changes, apply braking power and contro... Read More »

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How to Install a Foot Pedal?

Foot pedals are used for many applications, such as transcriptions, that are done on a computer to control the recording that is being transcribed. Foot pedals can be used with many types of softwa... Read More »

Is it illegal to drive with your left foot on the pedal?

It isn't illegal, but it's often ill-advised to drive with your left foot on the gas pedal, says Julie Duren, State Farm Insurance Agent. "This isn't a legal issue, as much as it is not as safe as ... Read More »

Who invented the trash can with a foot pedal lid opener?

The trash can with a foot-pedal lid opener was invented by Lillian Moller Gilbreth. A mother of 12 children, Gilbreth also patented kitchen appliances, including the electric food mixer and shelves... Read More »

Will the PS3 Rock Band foot pedal fit on the Xbox 360?

Rock Band-based pedals use a 1/5-inch adapter, which works with any console. This means you can purchase a Sony PlayStation 3 pedal and use it on a Microsoft Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii drum kit.Sourc... Read More »