How to Install a New Drain Into Existing Sewer Lines?

Answer A kitchen or bath renovation project often requires completing rough plumbing before installing tiles, fixtures or wall coverings. To install a new drain into existing lines, you'll cut the old, am... Read More »

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How far away from existing drain can you install new sink?

The distance is not really important as extra piping and fittings can be used, but making sure you have a good gradient is of the utmost importance

How do you get rid of sewer odors from sinks i notice it on the first floor sinks and in the basemment. i have a sump pump and floor drain for utility tubs. we changed from septic to sewer 10 yrs ago?

Why does a dishwasher smell like a sewer and won't drain?

Check where it connects under the sink to the drainage or the garburator. It will more than likely be plugged somewhere near that connection. Unplug it, and run 2 cups of vinegar and 1/2 a cup of b... Read More »

How to Tap a Sink Drain Into a Main Sewer?

Sink drains, as well as main sewer lines, are generally made of either PVC or ABS plastic. When the sink drainpipe has been installed, it runs over to the main sewer line and the two are connected ... Read More »