How to Install a New Copper Pipe on a Two-story?

Answer Copper supply pipe for both hot and cold water lines comes in 3/4- or 1/2-inch diameters and is generally available in 8 foot lengths. The pipe lengths join to each other with copper couplings incl... Read More »

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How to Install Fittings on a Copper Pipe?

Copper pipe fittings--known as couplings--come in straight, 30-, 45-, 60- and 90 degree angles. The reason for this is to help you run new water lines (pipes) around corners, or if you have to inst... Read More »

What kind of welding shall i use to weld copper pipe to aluminum pipe?

Answer use duck tape it works on everything : D~~i have to agree, adhere it if you can, otherwise use a VERY low heat propane torch. Acetylene burns WAY too hot, and you won't get a good arc going ... Read More »

Is flex copper pipe permitted as a water supply pipe in California?

Flex copper pipe is permitted in California as a water supply line in both "stick built" homes and mobile homes. The lines should be at least 12 inches deep and free from any joints. If a joint is ... Read More »

How do you connect a copper water pipe to a flex pipe?

AnswerThe quick and easy way is to use a compression "Shark Bite" fitting. It slips onto the copper pipe and creates a tight fit. Then use a threaded or pex flex adapter for your for the connection... Read More »