How to Install a New Battery in a 2003 Toyota Camry?

Answer Automotive batteries are rated for an average lifespan in months. When a battery is nearing or past the average lifespan, it can lose the ability to fully charge from the alternator due to a buildu... Read More »

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How to Install a Drive Belt on a 2003 Toyota Camry?

The drive belt on the 2003 Toyota Camry is called a serpentine belt. This type of belt is wide with raised ribs on the inner part of the belt. These ribs are designed to travel inside of the groove... Read More »

Where was a 2003 Toyota Camry made?

The 2003 Toyota Camry sold in the United States was manufactured at Toyota's Georgetown, Kentucky, plant. Toyota began manufacturing Camry models at that plant in 1998. About 2,000 vehicles are man... Read More »

How to Change the Air Filter in a 2003 Toyota Camry?

Changing the air filter on your vehicle is an easy way to keep your car running smoothly. Air filters help clean the air that flows into your car's engine. Failure to change them on a regular basis... Read More »

How to Replace an Air Filter on a 2003 Toyota Camry?

The 2003 Toyota Camry uses an engine air filter that prevents dust and debris from entering the engine through the engine air intake. Toyota recommends replacing the air filter every 30,000 miles u... Read More »