How to Install a Motherboard BIOS?

Answer The BIOS chip on your motherboard dictates how the motherboard interacts with some of its components and what order it uses to boot up the operating system. If you remove an old BIOS, you must inst... Read More »

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How to Reset the BIOS on an XFX Motherboard?

XFX manufactures a number of motherboards for use in personally built computers. Generally, if a computer enthusiast has the skills to build a computer, she already knows how to reset the BIOS. But... Read More »

How to Setup BIOS After a Change to the Motherboard?

The BIOS on your PC is the base of the computer's operating system. If you have recently installed a new motherboard on your computer, you might want to reset the BIOS to its original settings to s... Read More »

How to Flash the Asus Motherboard BIOS?

Basic Input-Output System (BIOS) is a special program (firmware) embedded into a computer motherboard chip. BIOS initiates all hardware during the computer start-up. However, outdated BIOS may not ... Read More »

How to Replace the BIOS Chip on a Motherboard?

A computer's Basic Input/Output System, better known as BIOS, is the means by which it recognizes hardware and initializes the operating system's start-up procedure. If the BIOS chip on the compute... Read More »