How to Install a Master Cylinder?

Answer Installing a master cylinder is normally a two-person job. Once the part has been installed on the car, it will be necessary to bleed the brakes of air pockets that develop when the system has been... Read More »

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How to Install a Master Brake Cylinder?

A vehicle's master cylinder converts the motion of the brake pedal into hydraulic power, which is then transmitted to the brakes. As a safety feature, the cylinder is actually two cylinders; one ac... Read More »

How to Install a Clutch Master Cylinder?

The master clutch master cylinder in your vehicle converts the pressure you apply to the clutch pedal into hydraulic pressure for shifting gears. And like the brake master cylinder, the clutch mast... Read More »

How to Install a Master Cylinder on a KIA Sportage?

Kia Motors first introduced the Sportage in 1995. After discontinuing the model in 2002, Kia brought it back in a completely new and improved configuration in 2005. The master cylinder on the Sport... Read More »

How to Install a Civic Clutch Master Cylinder?

Honda Civic cars with a manual transmission use a hydraulic clutch system to allow the operator to change gears. The master cylinder is one of the vital components of this hydraulic system. If you ... Read More »