How to Install a Manual Hub on a Jeep Cherokee?

Answer The Jeep Cherokee is manufactured with manual hubs that are fairly easy to replace. The manual hubs will need to be replaced when replacing your Jeep Cherokee's bearings. The bearings are located i... Read More »

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How to Install Manual Locking Hubs on a Jeep Cherokee?

The Jeep Cherokee is a sport utility vehicle that is produced in trims of three-door and five-doors models. The manual locking hubs on the Jeep Cherokee are not difficult to install. You will have ... Read More »

How to Change Jeep Cherokee Manual Transmission Fluid?

Unlike automatic transmissions, manual transmissions do not have a dipstick under the hood. Transmission fluid must be changed through the fill plug underneath the car. In an automatic transmission... Read More »

How to Install an ARG Hydro Assist in a Manual Jeep Wrangler?

The procedure for installing an ARG hydro assist in a Jeep Wrangler depends on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission Jeep. The pushrod for the automatic version is installed on a dif... Read More »

How to Install Weatherstripping on a Jeep Cherokee?

You can install weatherstripping on your Jeep Cherokee in your garage with a few supplies that can be purchased at an auto parts store. Replacing the weatherstripping on a Jeep Cherokee improves th... Read More »