How to Install a Magnavox DVD Player/DTV Converter?

Answer Magnavox makes a digital television converter that is required if your TV doesn't have a digital tuner. You'll need to connect your Magnavox DTV converter to your TV if you still want to receive ov... Read More »

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What is the remote code for a magnavox converter box TB100MW9 converter box with a direct tv remote?

There is no known code for this, what you have to do is if you have one of the white topped remotes is the following. Turn Converter on Move selector to AV1 or AV2 Press and Hold Mute and Select... Read More »

How to Set up a Magnavox TV Converter?

If you are using an analog-based television system and are attempting to receive TV programming through an antenna, you must set up a television digital-to-analog converter box, such as those produ... Read More »

How to Connect a Magnavox DTV to an Analog Converter?

Magnavox has produced digital televisions (DTV) for the past several years. Previously, all televisions had an analog tuner. All programming is produced in digital, so analog televisions no longer ... Read More »

Where can I buy a replacement remote for a Magnavox Converter Box?

I am thinking u could use a universal remote, u can buy one almost anywhere they have an electronic section.AND NO NEED FOR THANX