How to Install a Knocking Loop on a Compound Bow String?

Answer A compound bow can be made with a considerable amount of draw weight, sometimes in excess of 70 lbs or greater. This makes controlling the bow and holding the string difficult. An assisted release ... Read More »

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How to Make Loop Bow String?

Loop bow strings are strings (or ribbons) tied into a bow but with a loop in the back. The loop will allow you to easily attach the bow to anything. You can make a loop bow out of ribbon and use fo... Read More »

How to String a Compound Bow?

A compound bow is an advanced type of bow that uses pulleys and stiff limbs, rather than bent limbs, to produce adequate force to shoot an arrow. More accurate than traditional bows, compound bows ... Read More »

How to String a Compound Crossbow?

The modern compound crossbow is a high-tech weapon using the latest technology in composite material construction, cam and limb design and sighting. Compound crossbows use cams and pulleys to creat... Read More »

How to Install a Ground Loop Isolator?

Installing a ground loop isolator can help you to remove humming, squealing, or static (interference) sounds from your car stereo speakers. A ground loop isolator separates a set of RCA cables and ... Read More »