How to Install a K&W Block Sealer?

Answer Auto repair is a large business. In 2001, there were at least 175,000 auto repair shops in the United States employing an estimated 670,000 people. For those not professionally trained to repair ve... Read More »

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Instructions for Using KW Block Sealer?

K&W Block Seal is used to repair leaks and holes in engine blocks, gaskets and radiators. It is an additive that will adhere to the damaged area and clog the leak. By using a block seal, you can sa... Read More »

How to Fix a Head Gasket with Block Sealer?

The head gasket on your vehicle keeps the cylinder head and the engine block sealed during the combustion cycle. Some head gaskets are made of one-piece copper or alloy material, while others have ... Read More »

How to Fix a Head Gasket With Engine Block Sealer?

This is a method that has worked for some people when faced with a gasket problem.Whether it will work depends on the location and type of leak (head gasket vs cracked head) and its severity. Some ... Read More »

How to Install a Head Gasket Sealer?

The head gasket is the part of the car that seal's the engine's cylinder. Sometimes due to overheating, a head gasket can become cracked or warped, often costing thousands of dollars to repair. If ... Read More »