How to Install a Horn Relay?

Answer A dead horn is more than just an inconvenience -- it's a safety issue. A major cause of horn failure is the relay that controls it. When you hit the button on the steering wheel, you close a simple... Read More »

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How to Install a Horn Relay on a Mitsubishi Montero?

Relays are typically the most reliable moving part in a vehicle's electrical system and seldom require replacement. When one does fail, though, replacement is very easy in most cases. Before replac... Read More »

How to Wire a Horn Relay?

In the continuing effort to improve gas mileage auto makers have found inventive ways to reduce vehicle weight. Using new alloys, plastics and thinner materials is standard practice in newer cars.... Read More »

What Is a Horn Relay?

When you press the horn button on your car or truck, you operate a relay that makes contacts to connect the horn to voltage from battery. Low current through the button controls higher current thro... Read More »

How do I wire a car horn relay?

ProcedureLocate the non-battery wire of the ignition switch. Make a connection from the ignition switch wire through the horn relay box and attach it to the horn button or switch. Run a hot wire f... Read More »