How to Install a Heavy Wood Mantel Shelf?

Answer A fireplace adds comfort and warmth to a room, but a firebox without a mantel sometimes looks too plain. For this reason, most fireplaces feature mantel shelves that hold decorations and family pho... Read More »

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How to Install a Fireplace Mantel Shelf?

The fireplace is a focal point in any room, so adding to it must be done carefully because everyone will notice. Adding a mantel shelf above the fireplace will not only enhance the beauty of the ro... Read More »

Wood Mantel Styles?

Above all, the mantel should fit the fireplace. A tiny mantel on a massive fireplace looks out of place and not up to the task, and a large mantel on a tiny fireplace looks overpowering. mantels of... Read More »

How to Build a Heavy-Duty Shelf Unit?

Building a heavy-duty shelf unit is much like building a regular shelf unit, only with stronger wood. Though metal will be necessary for extremely heavy items like weights or dense auto parts, thic... Read More »

How do I attach a wood mantel to brick?

InstructionsPlace the mantel against the brick where you wish to attach it, and mark the points on the top ends of the mantel with a pencil. Cut mounting cleats, which are sections of 2-by-4 wood t... Read More »