How to Install a Head Stud on a Powerstroke 6.0?

Answer Factory head bolts on a 6.0-liter diesel Power Stroke engine are designed to torque to specification (TTS). This means that a torque wrench is not required for installation because the bolt won't t... Read More »

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Powerstroke 6.0 Head Gasket Symptoms?

A head gasket is a metal seal surrounding each of an engine's cylinders. The Ford Powerstoke 6.0 engine has four valves per cylinder and eight total cylinders. When these components begin to fail, ... Read More »

ARP Head Stud Torque Specifications?

ARP is an aftermarket car product company that specializes in fastener technology. The company sells bolts and stud kits for performance-oriented engines such as the Nissan 2.6L, BMW 2.8L and Porsc... Read More »

How to Remove a Cylinder Head Stud?

A vehicle's cylinder head stud bolt holds passages which help cool down and lubricate the engine. These studs keep the head assembly well sealed and intact on top of the engine block. They have ext... Read More »

How Do I Install a Pyrometer to a 97 Powerstroke?

By installing a pyrometer gauge in your Ford Powerstroke diesel, you will be able to monitor the temperature of the exhaust. Maintaining an appropriate exhaust temperature is important to prevent d... Read More »