How to Install a Harley Valve Lifter?

Answer Most Harley Davidson models come equipped with a solid lifter, or pushrod, assembly, having an adjuster built in. For instance, the Harley models Evo and Twin Cam 88 are manufactured with highly ad... Read More »

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How to Replace a Valve Lifter?

Valve lifters are the actuators that open and close the valves on top of the engine, allowing the appropriate quantity of air into the cylinder. As with most moving parts under strain inside an eng... Read More »

How to Unstick a Valve Lifter?

A sticky valve lifter is often first heard as a ticking noise in the upper part of the engine under the valve cover. Ticking valve lifters are usually caused by engine deposits. So to unstick a val... Read More »

How to Remove a Valve Lifter?

The purpose of a valve lifter is to open and close the valves on an engine. Every once in a while these valve lifters need to be replaced. Removing the lifters is a very straightforward process tha... Read More »

How to Check a Valve Lifter?

Are you hearing the sound of a lifter going bad inside your engine? Every time you idle the motor do you hear the tick, tick, tick of a lifter telling you it needs to be checked? These steps show ... Read More »