How to Install a GTI 1.8T Timing Belt?

Answer The timing belt on a VW GTI 1.8T is a common maintenance area. However, replacing the belt is quite time-consuming and is therefore expensive to have the dealer perform this part of routine upkeep.... Read More »

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How to Install a Honda CR-V Timing Belt?

The 1997 through 2000 CR-V features a 2.0L engine, which is an interference engine. This means that if the timing belt stretches past the scope of the tensioner, the valves will most likely hit the... Read More »

How to Install an 1100 Timing Belt?

A timing belt is part of an engine's internal combustion system that controls the timing of the engine's valves. It is a toothed belt that helps to drive the camshaft. Timing belts wear over a peri... Read More »

How to Install a Subaru Timing Belt?

Subaru's overhead cam engine was introduced in the late '80s and is still used today. Unlike Subaru's earlier push-rod engines that used a chain and sprockets to rotate the camshaft, the new overhe... Read More »

How to Install a Toyota Timing Belt?

Toyota recommends replacing the timing belt at 60,000-mile intervals based on the vehicle’s service record. The belt generally shows little wear, however the amount the belt stretches over 60,000... Read More »