How to Install a Flush Valve for a Kohler K3434 BB Toilet?

Answer The Kohler K3434 BB toilet is single-piece toilet. This gives the Kohler K3434 BB toilet a sleek, curved design. Although the outer design of the toilet may be different from other toilets, it sti... Read More »

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How do I install a toilet seat on a Kohler 1 piece toilet?

Measure The BowlMeasure the distance from the toilet seat hinge post holes on the back of the bowl, to the front center of the bowl. If the distance is approximately 18 1/2 inches, install an elong... Read More »

How to Change a Flush Valve on a Toilet?

Worn flush valves cause toilets to leak water--gallons of it--creating noise and waste, and adding to your utility bill. Corrosion erodes a toilet's flush valve over time, opening the seal between ... Read More »

How do I replace a toilet flush valve?

Remove the Old Flush ValveShut off the toilet's water supply valve and remove the tank lid. Flush the toilet and hold down the handle to remove as much water as possible, then sop up any remaining ... Read More »

How do I remove a Mansfield flush valve from a toilet?

Prepare the ToiletLocate the water shutoff valve at the back of the toilet. Shut this valve off to cut the water supply from the toilet tank. Take the toilet lid off the tank, and set it aside on a... Read More »