How to Install a Fiberglass Wall Liner?

Answer Fiberglass wall liners are ideal for keeping moisture off walls. They cut down on premature rot because the surface is waterproof. In showers and bathrooms, these liners are an excellent choice. Ea... Read More »

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Can you put ceramic tile over fiberglass steps in a liner pool?

yes you can put tile over almost anything. The most important item would be that the mastic / or adhesive would be required to be a water proof, (non affected) type, and dry with a certain amount o... Read More »

Can you put a liner over a wall with rust?

Answer Go to your local hardware store and ask them this question. There are all sorts of products to get rid of that rust (most of it) before going to the expense of putting a liner up.AnswerI agr... Read More »

How to Cut a Fiberglass Wall Covering for Bathroom Paneling?

Fiberglass-reinforced panels (FRP) are a durable, moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean wall covering for use in bathrooms. Each panel's strength comes from the fiberglass fibers embedded within the... Read More »

Is it necessary when raising a load bearing wall 4 feet to install a new beam in the exact spot where the wall originally was?

that depends: if it's carrying old dimensional lumber floor or ceiling joists that are lapped at the wall, yes. if it's carrying floor or roof trusses, you may be able to get a repair detail from... Read More »