How to Install a Drum on a GE Dryer?

Answer Like all dryers, the drum in a GE clothes dryer rotates to tumble your clothes and help them dry more quickly. The drum is one of the most resilient parts of your dryer, but depending on the age, i... Read More »

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How to Install a Belt on a Dryer Drum?

The drum belt in a clothes dryer connects the drum to the motor. As the motor's pulley wheel spins, the belt spins the drum, tumbling your clothes to help them dry. The belt is made of rubber and t... Read More »

How to Clean a Dryer Drum?

Your dryer may be used primarily for drying clean clothing, but an unseen pen, crayon or some dirty clothes dried between washings can leave your dryer drum coated in various materials that can com... Read More »

How to Remove a GE Dryer Drum?

Occasionally you will find that you need to remove the drum of the GE dryer from the cabinet due to maintenance issues such as if the rear drum plate wears out or the drum is misaligned. You can ta... Read More »

How to Change a Drum Bearing in a GE Dryer?

GE automatic dryers rely on a drum bearing to support the tumbler drum while it is spinning. A worn out or broken drum bearing causes the drum to rotate improperly. A common sign of a bad drum bear... Read More »