How to Install a Door Assembly on the '99 Honda Accord?

Answer The 1999 Honda Accord DX was equipped with a 2.3-liter engine and was considered the base model of the 1999 Accord lineup. The 1999 Accord DX door replacement instructions are identical to all two-... Read More »

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How to Install the 93 Honda Accord Front Lamp Assembly?

The Honda Accord was introduced in 1976 as a two-door hatchback vehicle. The Honda Accord sedan was not produced until the 1983 model year. The 1993 Honda Accord was equipped with a 2.2-liter, in-l... Read More »

How to Replace the Rear Hub Assembly on a Honda Accord?

The convenient aspect about the rear hub assembly on Honda Accords is it needs very little maintenance. By staying on top of the hub assembly, you’ll have an even driving experience over all sort... Read More »

How to Replace Fuel Pump Assembly in a 1991 Honda Accord LX?

The fuel pump in your vehicle is the pump that forces fuel from the fuel tank to your motor. In the 1991 Honda Accord LX, the fuel pump is electronic instead of mechanical, meaning that an electric... Read More »

Removing a Door Panel on a Honda Accord?

An air bubble in your car's heater core may not cause many problems during warmer months, but it can be dangerous once the temperature dips below freezing. There are several signs and symptoms that... Read More »