How to Install a Donnelly Mirror?

Answer The Donnelly Corporation has manufactured automotive parts for the automotive industry since 1905. In the 1990s, their mirrors were installed in 90% of the world'fs automobiles. This means, if you ... Read More »

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How do I Install a Donnelly Rear View Mirror on a 2000 Subaru?

By the 1990s, manufacturers were installing Donnelly rearview mirrors on 90 percent of the world's automobiles. This was because Donnelly mirrors had a reputation for being strong, long-lasting mir... Read More »

How to Remount a Donnelly Rear View Mirror?

A Donnelly rear-view mirror is powered by your car's battery to display compass headings, map lights and a temperature display. If there are problems with the mirror, you must take it off the mount... Read More »

How do I install a mirror in a frame?

Cutting the MirrorCut the mirror with a glass cutter. Measure the size of the frame, and use a straightedge, preferably a metal ruler. to cut the mirror. Take your time because you must run the gla... Read More »

How to Install Mirror Clips?

Add a mirror to a room to bounce light into dark corners and give depth to your room. Since the last thing you want is a mirror shattering into tiny pieces, choose the correct installation techniqu... Read More »