How to Install a Detroit Locker?

Answer Most vehicles use an "open" differential, meaning that power goes through the differential's gears via the path of least resistance. This means that once a tire starts to spin, all of the engine's ... Read More »

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How to Install a Detroit EZ Locker?

The Detroit EZ Locker is a brand of automatic locking locker that is designed to lock both wheels on the axle with power input. The EZ Locker permits a different variance in wheel speed while negot... Read More »

What Is a Detroit Locker?

Legendary for its performance, the Detroit Locker is the automotive industry's premier locking differential. Its reliability has made the Detroit Locker a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts,... Read More »

How Does a Detroit Locker on a Truck Work?

Known for its early trademark "clunking" noise in turns, the Detroit Locker is an automatically locking differential that made its mark among hobby racers and off-road enthusiasts starting in the 1... Read More »

Detroit Locker Tuning Tips?

The Detroit Locker is a heavy-duty locking differential used by offroad enthusiasts. Most stock differentials divert engine power to the path of least resistance; if one or more wheels becomes airb... Read More »