How to Install a Crankshaft Pulley?

Answer The crankshaft pulley powers the belts that work the alternator, the coolant pump, the power steering pump and the air conditioning system. It's attached to a thick rubber disc sandwiched between t... Read More »

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How to Remove and Install a Mopar Big Block Crankshaft Pulley?

The heart of any engine is the crankshaft, because nothing works if the crankshaft is not turning as it should. Though the crankshaft is primarily designed to turn the flywheel and transmit power t... Read More »

What Is a Crankshaft Pulley?

A crankshaft pulley is a wheel attached to the front end of the crankshaft that allows the crankshaft to rotate fluidly. The crankshaft pulley is attached to the crankshaft by fan belts to the alt... Read More »

How to Replace a Crankshaft Pulley?

The crankshaft pulley is a round pulley on the front or side of the engine connected to the crankshaft. The crankshaft pulley is attached to the engine by a bolt in the center of the pulley. To rep... Read More »

How to Remove a G35 Crankshaft Pulley?

The crankshaft pulley on a G35 drives the serpentine belt which powers accessories like your air conditioning, power steering, and alternator. On some vehicles it also acts as a harmonic balancer. ... Read More »