How to Install a Comcast Cable Box?

Answer Comcast offers a variety of cable television packages in standard and high definition using a set-top cable box to unscramble the service and transmit to the TV. Choosing a cable for connecting the... Read More »

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How to Install Comcast Cable?

Comcast is the largest cable television provider in the United States, with over 23 million subscribers as of 2010. Along with cable TV, Comcast offers telephone service and high-speed Internet for... Read More »

Can you hook up a cable modem& cable TV to the same Comcast cable?

Yes. You can use a cable splitter to allow more than one device to use a single cable line, but there is often interference and reduced quality to all attached devices.References:Comcast: Can I Use... Read More »

How do i hook up my comcast cable modem with a usb cable?

Connecting the USB CableTurn off your computer and unplug your Comcast cable modem from the power. Plug one end of the USB cable into the USB port on back of the cable modem. The plug will fit easi... Read More »

Do I always need a cable box for digital Comcast cable?

Since Congress approved the end of analog broadcasts, cable services such as Comcast only provide digital cable, which usually requires at least one digital conversion box in the household. Some o... Read More »