How to Install a Clutch Adjustment Rod on a 1971 Nova?

Answer The clutch adjustment rod on a 1971 Chevy Nova should never be too tight, which will cause throw-out bearing wear, or too loose, which creates difficult engagement problems. The Nova has a complete... Read More »

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1971 Chevy Nova Facts?

The model year 1971 was not a happy one for Chevrolet Nova enthusiasts. The 1971 Chevy Nova marked the first time since 1964 that it was not a performance car. Sales suffered, yet there was still a... Read More »

How to Wire the Headlights for My 1971 Nova?

If you want to upgrade your headlights on your 1971 Nova, you may need to wire them yourself because the pins for the new headlight bulbs do not fit the wiring harness that brings power to the head... Read More »

Specifications of a 1971 Chevy Nova?

The 1971 Chevrolet Nova signaled the end of the line for the high-performance Novas. Previous engine models offered 402 or 396 cubic inches of displacement -- the 1971 model reduced this to 250 cub... Read More »

1971 Chevrolet Nova Performance?

The 1971 Nova SS marked the last year the car would be classified as a muscle car. Federal emission standards and the gas crunch led Chevy to focus more on fuel economy and less on performance, and... Read More »