How to Install a Civic Moonroof?

Answer Moonroofs, which are actually just a subset of sunroofs, are a popular feature on several models of the Honda Civic. While moonroofs have been a factory option on the Civic for several years, some ... Read More »

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Moonroof Vs. Sunroof?

Cars now have a number of upgrades you can add to a base model before you drive it off the lot. Two favorite accessories are the sunroof and the moonroof. Besides the fact that both of these access... Read More »

How to Install a Coilover in a Civic?

Replacing your car's coil over springs will give it a noticeable increase in performance, fuel economy and road handling. There are two main components of your Honda Civic's shock absorber assembly... Read More »

How to Install 99 Civic Fog Lights?

The '99 Honda Civic is an efficient Japanese vehicle with good gas mileage. You can save yourself some money and the inconvenience of leaving your car at the mechanic by learning how to install you... Read More »

How to Install an O2 Sensor for a 96 Civic?

The oxygen sensor on a 1996 Honda Civic is mounted directly on the exhaust manifold on the front of the engine. This sensor determines how much oxygen is in the exhaust gases. This information is t... Read More »