How to Install a Car Stereo Speaker Wire Through a Front Door?

Answer If you're wiring a new car stereo system that includes an amplifier, you'll need to install speaker wire from the amplifier to the speaker locations. One tricky spot to handle is getting speaker wi... Read More »

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Stereo speaker wire?

Its not very good wire the CCA stands for "copper clad aluminum" in other words its not real copper wire its aluminum... You need good copper wire for best results... also Oxygen Free Cooper wire ... Read More »

What Are The Types of Outdoor Stereo Speaker Wire?

When the smell of sizzling sausages and burgers wafts from millions of backyards, it can only mean that the barbecue season is in full swing. By installing outdoor speakers, you can enjoy listening... Read More »

Home stereo speaker wire gauge?

The lower gauge will allow more power to flow to the speakers creating a better sound quality. In your case it seems like 14 should do good for you to power those big speakers!

How to Identify the Negative & Positive Wire for a Stereo Speaker?

When working with stereo speakers, you may find that the positive and negative speaker wires are not marked. This is confusing and can lead to accidentally reversing the polarity of the speakers, m... Read More »