How to Install a Belt on an Ion Turntable?

Answer The Ion turntable is driven by a belt that makes the plate turn at speeds fast enough for playing records. Over time, this belt may break or just decay due to use and time. Luckily, you can replace... Read More »

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How to Install the Belt on a Technics FG Servo SL-BD22 Turntable?

The Technics model SL-BD22 is very popular amongst turntable enthusiasts. It is a belt-driven, semiautomatic turntable. Installing a Technics FG Servo SL-BD22 turntable belt is a simple task. It re... Read More »

How to Fix a Belt Drive Turntable?

Belt drive turntables have been around for years. But like any device that utilizes a belt for constant tension, that belt will fail or stretch beyond the point of usefulness. Fortunately, replacin... Read More »

How to Replace a Technics Turntable Belt?

Replacing a Technics turntable belt is a simple task. It requires no tools and only a basic knowledge of turntable maintenance. Belt replacement is a crucial factor in maintaining a turntable's sou... Read More »

How to Install an Ion Turntable Without an Internet Connection?

The Ion Turntable is a brand of record player designed to connect with a computer for converting analog records into digital files that can be stored on a hard drive, burned to a CD or uploaded to ... Read More »