How to Install a Belt on a Dryer Drum?

Answer The drum belt in a clothes dryer connects the drum to the motor. As the motor's pulley wheel spins, the belt spins the drum, tumbling your clothes to help them dry. The belt is made of rubber and t... Read More »

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How to Install a Drum on a GE Dryer?

Like all dryers, the drum in a GE clothes dryer rotates to tumble your clothes and help them dry more quickly. The drum is one of the most resilient parts of your dryer, but depending on the age, i... Read More »

How to Install a Hotpoint Dryer Belt?

The belt in your Hotpoint dryer connects the motor to the drum, allowing the drum to tumble your clothes dry. The belt has a limited lifespan and will wear out over time. Although you should replac... Read More »

How to Install a Belt on a Kenmore Clothes Dryer?

Installing a belt on a Kenmore clothes dryer is a job that can be done in about 30 minutes. Occasionally, the belt on the clothes dryer will wear out or break due to usage as well as being exposed ... Read More »

Instructions on Replacing Dryer Belt and Idler Arm for a Maytag Electric Dryer?

The idler arm in a Maytag dryer creates tension in the drum belt, keeping the belt tight on the drum and motor pulley. Over time, the arm may start to wear down and need replacing. A worn-out idler... Read More »