How to Install a Belt Tensioner on a Pathfinder?

Answer The belt tensioner in a Nissan Pathfinder is an adjustable idler pulley. Some of the Pathfinder belts are tensioned by adjustment brackets that are mounted to the power steering pump or the alterna... Read More »

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How to Install a New Belt Tensioner With Pulley for Serpentine Belt on Plymouth Voyager V6 Mid 1990 Early 2000 Years?

Typical serpentine belt...Over time, the "spring in the tensioner" wears out, weakens and the serpentine belt wears, stretches and may slip; it may come off in rain or in water puddles or may cause... Read More »

How to Install a 325 BMW Belt Tensioner?

The belt tensioner in the BMW 325 bolts to the front of the engine block just to the left of the crankshaft pulley. The belt tensioner consists of a tensioner arm, bolted to the engine; a spring th... Read More »

How to Install a Belt Tensioner?

The belt tensioner on any engine serves two purposes. Keeping the belt tight inside of each accessory pulley and guiding the belt underneath the tensioner pulley. Most all belt tensioners are sprin... Read More »

How to Install a Focus Belt Tensioner?

The drive belt on your Ford Focus, which runs multiple engine components, is kept tight by one particular pulley called the tensioner. The belt tensioner on most models can't be adjusted, so if it ... Read More »