How to Install a Battery on a 1990 BMW 735?

Answer The 1990 BMW 735i uses a replaceable battery located under the rear seat. When the battery is no longer able to retain an adequate charge, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Without a working ... Read More »

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How to Install TPS on a 1990 Ford F-350 5.8L?

The 1990 Ford F-350 truck was available with three engines: a 5.8L Windsor engine, a 7.3L engine, a 7.5L engine, and a 4.9L engine. The 5.8L engine, like the others, comes with a throttle position ... Read More »

How to Install the Alternator on a 1990 Prelude?

The 1990 Honda Prelude was Honda's first attempt at a car that was out of the ordinary, at least by Honda's standards. The 1990 Honda Prelude was part of the third generation of Preludes (1988-1991... Read More »

How to Install a Water Pump for a 1990 F-150 PU?

The Ford F-150 is a series of pickup trucks that Ford has manufactured since 1975. The F designation indicates these vehicles have an F body and the 150 designation means the truck has a carrying c... Read More »

How to Install a Radio in a 1990 Geo Prizm?

The 1990 Geo Prizm is equipped with a standard AM/FM stereo with cassette deck. Prizm owners who wish to upgrade their stereo system or replace a malfunctioning stock deck, can employ the services ... Read More »