How to Install a Battery in a Chrysler 300C?

Answer The Chrysler 300C's battery can be installed without taking the vehicle to a mechanic. As long as you are capable of lifting the weight of the battery, up to 60 pounds or so, you will be able to in... Read More »

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How to Change a Battery in a Chrysler 300C?

The Chrysler 300C has a European design background, as it was one of the cars produced when Chrysler was owned by Daimler, forming Daimler-Chrysler Corporation. Because of that, not everything is i... Read More »

How to Install an HID Light in the Chrysler 300C?

High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights provide greater visibility in low light conditions and come in a wide array of color choices, from pure white or blue, to purple or even green. Although so... Read More »

What is the length of a Chrysler 300c?

All of the models of the 2010 Chrysler 300 measure 196.8 inches in length and 74.1 inches in width. The Chrysler 300 models made in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 have the same dimensions.References:Car... Read More »

How to Change the Tires on a Chrysler 300C?

Knowing how to change the tires on your Chrysler 300C in an emergency is an important skill that will keep you from being stranded if you have a flat tire. Locating the spare, the jack and tools as... Read More »