How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan & Vent Moist Air?

Answer Moist air in a bathroom can cause a whole slew of problems. It can rot wood and cause mold to grow on drywall. To remove the moist air from the bathroom, install an exhaust fan in the ceiling and r... Read More »

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How to Vent a Basement Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Bathroom exhaust fans remove moist air from your bathroom and move it outside. When a bathroom exhaust fan is installed in the basement, finding a place to run a vent to is tricky since most of you... Read More »

How to Install & Properly Vent a Bathroom Fan?

A bathroom ventilation fan can help remove odors from the bathroom. But even more important, it will remove moisture and help prevent moisture-related problems, such as mildew, that could become bi... Read More »

How to Install Bathroom Vent Pipes?

Vent pipes are connected to sewer lines to allow waste gas to escape from the line. They go from the sewer line up through the stud wall and out either through the wall of the house, or more common... Read More »

How to Vent a Bath Exhaust Fan?

Bathroom ventilation is important to avoid moisture, mildew and mold issues that are common in areas of excess moisture. In order for the moisture to be carried out properly, the bathroom fan needs... Read More »