How to Install a 66 Mustang Radiator?

Answer Whether equipped with a six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engine, the 1966 Mustang has either a two or three row metal core radiator. Unlike today's plastic fin radiators, these radiators are subject ... Read More »

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How to Install a 2001 Mustang Radiator Support?

The radiator in your 2001 Ford Mustang is an integral part of your car's cooling system. It helps to circulate water to keep your engine from overheating. Your Mustang's radiator is held in place b... Read More »

How to Bleed a Mustang Radiator?

Mustangs are known for being high performance vehicles that are capable of keeping up with most other sports cars on the market. Just like those other sports cars, your Mustang is prone to engine o... Read More »

How to Replace a Mustang LX Radiator Fan Relay?

The cooling-fan relay in the Mustang LX is housed in the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM). This solid-state device also contains the EEC power relay and the fuel-pump relay. When the CCRM fails... Read More »

How to Backflush a Radiator in a 1988 Mustang?

A 1988 Mustang radiator and cooling system is built much like cooling systems installed in nearly all internal-combustion engined automobiles ever made. The radiator is connected by rubber hoses to... Read More »