How to Install a 4.0 Ranger Engine Into a 1999 F150?

Answer The Ford F-150 is a light-duty, fuel efficient vehicle, manufactured as part of Ford's F-series, which was begun in 1948. The Ford engines range from 4.0 cylinders to 8.0 cylinders, and are typical... Read More »

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What oil&filter do you put in a 1999 ford ranger with a 3-liter engine?

A 1990 Ford Ranger requires 5W-30 regular motor oil and a Motorcraft FL1A oil filter. The vehicle's 3.0-liter engine, referred to as the Vulcan V6, has the capacity to hold 5 qts. of oil.References... Read More »

How to Install an Amp in a 1999 Ford F150?

There is no better way to improve the sound system in an automobile than to add an amplifier. Installing an amp in your 1999 Ford F150 is a great way to tap the hidden potential of your vehicle's s... Read More »

How to Install a Ford F150 1999 Leveling Kit?

A 1999 Ford F-150 sits slightly higher in the back than in the front from the factory. This difference in ride height is designed intentionally so that the when the F-150 is loaded up with cargo th... Read More »

How to Install a Serpentine Belt on a 1999 F150?

In 1999, Ford offered their 1/2-ton pickup, the F150, with a choice of a 4.2-liter V-6, a 4.6-liter V-8 or a 5.4-liter V-8. No matter the engine type, eventually the serpentine belt will require re... Read More »