How to Install a 240 Pin DIMM DDR2 PC2-4200 Memory Card?

Answer A 240-pin PC2-4200 DDR2 memory module provides additional memory space for a desktop computer. If your computer is running slow or freezing up when you open multiple programs, adding memory can be ... Read More »

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Is PC5200 DDR2 compatible with PC2700 DDR DIMM?

PC5200 DDR2 RAM is not compatible with PC2700 DDR memory or DDR memory of any other speed. DDR2 RAM is compatible with other memory speeds, but not other memory types. A few other memory types you ... Read More »

Will DDR2-667 memory work with DDR2-800 memory?

DDR2-667 memory will work with DDR2-800 memory as long as the computer's motherboard supports DDR2-800. DDR2 memory slots will work with any DDR2 memory at or below the maximum supported speed. A... Read More »

How much memory is in each DIMM in Linux?

DIMM slots do not have any memory by default: they are the ports used to connect memory, or RAM, sticks to the computer. The amount of memory space on the RAM varies from model to model.References... Read More »

Is PC100 memory compatible with DIMM?

PC100 RAM modules are not compatible with DIMM slots, which hold DDR RAM, as they use a different form factor, according to memory maker Crucial. You can interchange most types of SD RAM.References... Read More »