How to Install a 2000 Monte Carlo Ignition Module?

Answer The ignition control module and ignition coils in your 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo work as a single unit to control the voltage and the timing of the spark delivered to each of the pistons in the en... Read More »

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Monte Carlo Ignition Module Problems?

The Chevy Monte Carlo has changed from the the V-8 equipped rear-wheel-drive platform of the 1970s and 1980s to the V-6 equipped front-wheel-drive platform of the modern version. But the ignition m... Read More »

How Do I Install a Thermostat on a 2000 Monte Carlo?

When the thermostat located inside of the coolant system of your 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo stops working, your first clue is the lack of heat produced by the heater. Chevy designed the thermostat in t... Read More »

How to Install Fog Lights on a 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS?

Damage to the fog lights on your Monte Carlo LS most often happens from road debris hitting and cracking the lens on the lights during travel. This subjects the bulbs within the lighting assembly t... Read More »

How to Install a Front Sway Bar on a 2000 Monte Carlo?

The front sway bar on a 2000 Monte Carlo provides improved traction and steering stability for the car when maneuvering. If you try to drive a Monte Carlo without a sway bar installed, you'll find ... Read More »